CFD Consultancy – Minerva Dynamics

Welcome to Minerva Dynamics, provider of engineering consultancy services to the wave, tidal, floating wind and hydro-power industries. We specialise in the numerical simulation of floating, fixed and moving bodies subjected to hydrodynamic and/or aerodynamic forces for renewable energy applications.

We use the industry leading non-linear free surface flow Computational Fluid Dynamics software, FLOW-3D. The wide range of physical models and flexibility of this CFD software enables us to perform numerical experiments on novel design concepts, which due to scale, technical difficulties or financial constraints would not be possible using physical testing or other types of simulation, allowing us to reach the areas other CFD modelling consultants cannot. In parallel with this powerful multi-physics software we have a long history of solving fluid flow related problems and optimising performance using a combination of CFD and experimental testing when required, delivering quantitative and insightful results in engineering timescales, reducing research and development costs whilst minimising risk, in effect turning simulation into reality. Our services are targeted towards engineers and scientist requiring a deeper understanding of their device or to test a new concept out without the expense or time delay of physical model building and testing.

Based on our 10 years of experience in the wave energy industry as a device developer and independent consultant we are able to provide technical advice on the practicalities of a wide range of WECs with particular expertise in pneumatically coupled and flexible membrane type absorbers and the review of methods and results relating to their numerical modelling and experimental testing. Where required we provide overall management of entire R and D programs in effect acting as single point of contact between numerical modellers, tank testing and physical model builders and device developers or clients seeking due diligence services.