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Minerva Dynamics is back

After a year long break whilst working full time on a specific wave energy project, Minerva Dynamics is now open to working with new and existing clients. We specialise in providing support to developers of  wave, tidal, floating wind and hydro power, as general consultancy with their research and development programs, due diligence on third party devices  and  CFD modelling services.

Minerva Dynamics to attend All-Energy Conference

22nd April 2016

Minerva Dynamics will be attending the All-Energy Exhibition and Conference at Glasgow on both the 4th and 5th of May. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a private meeting at the centre to discuss your requirements.

SEM-REV marine renewables test site opens officially

The long awaited SEM-REV marine energy test jointly site owned by CNRS and Ecole Centrale de Nantes officially opened on the 25th August, coinciding with the start of the European Wave and Tidal Energy conference on the 6th September held in Nantes this year. The site located 19km north of the Le Croisic peninsula with an area of 1 km2 and depth of between 33m and 35m, is designed to test wave energy and floating wind concept and has a 8MW capacity. Wave resource varies from 3kW/m to a maximum monthly average of 33 kW/m.  The first wave and floating wind devices are scheduled to be deployed in 2016.

Floating wind turbine developer raises funds to deploy Damping Pool® technology

Ideol the French floating wind turbine developer, has secured more than 12 million Euros in funding to enable it to install its first offshore wind turbine at the French SEM-REV test site located 12 nautical miles from the city of Le Croisic near Nantes. The money comes from a variety of investments fund with the largest chunk, 7.3m , from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency and will be used to install the prototype and underwrite Ideol’s international development plans. This follows Quadran, the French renewables developer’s announcement in 2013 of plans to build up to 500MW of floating wind farms based off the French coast using Ideol’s technology.

The heart of the technology is Ideol’s patented Damping Pool® system , a 6.4m draft floating concrete base with a large rectangular open moon pool, which is said to damp the platforms motion in waves effectively due to the oscillation of the water mass within the moon pool, compensating for wave diffraction loads. . The platform is aimed at water depths of 35m and beyond with the first demonstrator rated at 2MW. The company have also developed a mobility system using the taut mooring system, which allows individual turbines in an array to respond to a changes of wind direction by moving their positon in order to reduce wake losses and increase array yield.
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