About Us

Minerva Dynamics Ltd  provides a Computational Fluid Dynamics, modelling resource for the simulation of fluid flows in general, in particular those involving a free surface or moving body, without the expense or technical difficulties associated with prototype production and experimental testing. We use cloud computing facilities to simulate large or complex problems in order to reduce timescales and costs. We can also provide technical input and independent assessment of research and development programs with particular expertise in the wave energy sector.

We aim to be flexible and to integrate into your design process, providing an expert resource which produces quantitative results and insight into your problem in a timely manner. Our responsibilities are defined by negotiation with the client at the start of the project, ranging from providing values for variables of engineering interest, to taking on the full fluid mechanical design aspects, from start to finish. We can work at your premises, if closer integration with your team is required. Costs are based on either a fixed price or a negotiated daily rate to agreed timescales depending on the nature of the project, in either case we aim to provide a cost effective solution with a view to generating repeat business. We are based in the historic city of Bath in the south west of England, within 1.5 hours travelling time of London.

As part of our ongoing validation programme we seek out experimental measurements for cases similar to our clients and perform our own analysis in order to assess the accuracy of the CFD modelling approach for each situation. In addition we can refer to validation studies available in the open literature. This we believe is fundamental to giving our clients confidence in us and in CFD as a technique. Contact us with a description of your case for an initial no obligation appraisal.

Peter Arnold, PhD, MSc, Principal Engineer and Founder: Originally trained as a Physicist and Mathematician, Peter has over 25 years experience of applying CFD and other forms of numerical modelling alongside experimental testing to analyse and ultimately fast track performance improvements of a wide range of fluid flow dependent technology in academia, small, medium and large corporations. Previously he held senior research and development roles in some of the UK and Ireland’s leading ocean wave energy companies including AWS Ocean Energy, Wavebob, Orecon and C-Wave. Prior to his time in wave energy Peter worked in CFD consultancy and held senior roles at Ricardo Consulting Engineers and at Dyson.  He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a PhD from the University of Bath in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Email:  peter.arnold@minervadynamics.com