The CFD software FLOW-3D developed by Flow Science Inc. was selected by Minerva Dynamics for its unique ability to accurately model highly non-linear free surfaces flows and bodies moving through a fluid, whilst keeping computation times low.

Originally developed in the 1980s by a group of scientists at the Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico, including Flow Sciences founder Dr C.W Hirt, the Volume of Fluid (VOF)1 surface tracking method is the core component of FLOW-3D. Since then Flow Science has developed the method and made significant advances which are exclusive to FLOW-3D. The resulting TruVOF method enables major improvements in the accuracy of tracking distinct liquid/gas interfaces. This combined with FLOW-3D’s FAVORTM method of representing geometrical objects and allowing them to pass through a stationary mesh means that FLOW-3D is an extremely flexible and powerful multi-physics package including but not limited to fluid-structure interaction, 6-DoF moving objects, and multiphase flows. We believe this provides a significant advantage in accuracy and computation time over more generalised CFD software tools which have not been designed specifically to track free surfaces. See the Flow Science Website for more details.

[1] C.W. and Nichols, B.D., “Volume of Fluid (VOF) Method for the Dynamics of Free Boundaries,” Journal of Computational Physics 39, 201, 1981.

FLOW-3D and TruVOF are registered trademarks in the USA and other countries. FAVORTM